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Protect Your Home Against the Latest Crimes,
Cylinder ‘Bumping’ & Cylinder ‘Snapping’

How Secure Are Your Doors?

If you’ve got a PVCu or Composite type Door with a Multi-Point Locking System your door is locked, the locking mechanism is engaged, your home and possessions are Safe – or are they? Unfortunately your Multi-Point Locking System is only as efficient as your Cylinder, which is under a new threat of Cylinder Snapping and Cylinder Bumping techniques now being used by thieves to enter our homes!

It can take as little as a minute to open a PVCu or Composite type Door fitted with a conventional lock cylinder, and to the experienced thief, sometimes less.

Is Your Home Bump & Snap Resistant?

• Cylinder Bumping leaves no visable signs of forcible entry for homeowners.
• Potentially Insurance Companies often refuse to pay out, leaving the victim out of pocket,
• If the Cylinder is Snapped or Bumped – Then the security is breached!
• Don’t be a Statistic of crime – Secure your Doors.

Protect your home and valuables now from just £34.99

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